Selling Ourselves in Human Life

Start thinking about brand us.


Mark a list of words that describes our personality better.


What ideas and thoughts pop up when someone things about us ?


Are we imaginative, organized, trustworthy, dependable, fun and a motivator ?


Marketing & Sales have become synonymous with manipulative and compelling conduct.


Notwithstanding, we overlook that we go through our days Selling & offering to everybody...

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Sex Common with Sales Talent

You’re presumably pondering: what shares sex for all intents and purpose with deals aptitudes? I was pondering too, until I acclimated myself with incredible similarity. I acknowledge that in case you’ve occupied with sexual relations, you unquestionably acknowledge how to sell..


Directly to the point, “In the event that you don’t think you are in Sales, consider the last time you needed to engage in sexual relations.” If you can allure that exceptional indivi...

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Sales | Deals identified with Human Life

Each and every one of us is a sales rep. On the off chance that you don’t work in deals, you may figure you don’t sell, yet that is without a doubt bogus. The truth of the matter is, every last one of us sells each and every day.


The extraordinary thing about deals is that is an all inclusive aptitude. The aptitude of selling in one industry can be moved to another without any difficulty. The technique behind the business procedure may change, yet the essential aptitude...

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